Florafit was created in 1994 after acquiring a wide experience in vegetable and flower growing.

The company has been offering articles of the highest standard of quality since its beginning, aware of all the problems that can be found in the growing.

Thanks to our experience in the international sector and knowing the world wide importance of Germany in the development of products for the cross-breeding of new ornamental nursery plants, we can assure our professionality through intense exchange of goods and know-how.

That’s why we have been collaborating with renowned German companies and we are proud to offer our technologically advanced and scientifically supported products to satisfy the needs of our clients.

We guarantee therefore a wide selection of tried, tested and world-famous ornamental plants.

We are the only Italian agent for the well-known hybridizer ELSNER-PAC-Jungpflanzen company in Dresda which has been dealing with the development of new varieties of geraniums for more than 120 years.

Moreover we cooperate with KURT KRAMER, HEIDEZUECHTUNG in Edewecht offering its heathers and the famous selection of Calluna Gardengirls®, a top-seller in the autumn and we are also responsible for the safeguard of its patent in Italy.

Working with big companies has made us aware of the great importance of supplying healthy plants, without diseases. Our supplies own laboratories to carry out health analysis to guarantee healthy plants, a must for the beginning of every cultivation.

Our job is not just selling plants but we try to give our clients the right professional culture counselling and a range of useful articles and tools which can help to reach a perfect final result.

We are the Italian retailers for the disinfectants of the German firm MENNO CHEMIE. These products are effective on various plant-pathogene organisms and are ideal to keep the plant production environment clean.

Furthermore we offer natural microbial products, produced by the German company ABITEP. The use of these natural products (listed as products for organic farming in Germany and Austria) not only helps the plant in its growth but also contribute to coping with environmental obstacles (drought, salinity, root illnesses) which can prevent a successful growing.

We do not consider ecology a mere word: the careful use of natural resources in agriculture will be necessary to ensure the world future food. Water is the greatest resource and we mustn’t waste it.

That’s why we recommend the use of TENSIOMETERS of the German company BAMBACH which once set can be used for automatic irrigation, according to plants’ need. In this way water waste is reduced and quality is produced!

Moreover we have recently developed portable instruments for an immediate check during growing. This line of electronically top-level instruments is called AGRAR PROFILINE 500.