The new range of instruments named AGRAR PROFI LINE 500 replaces and improves the previous one.
After years of development and research we are proud and happy to present this new line of portable instruments for agriculture.
AGRAR PROFI LINE 500 has been conceived to conform to CEE regulations and to make the instruments even more suitable to be used in agriculture, where the following features are essentials:

  • easy to use: all the instruments have the same design ergonomically planned for a portable use with large and strong holders and a liquid crystal display where the readings are very clear.
    A simple keypad: a few clear and obvious push-buttons which explain their purpose
  • Accuracy, practicality and attachments: the planning has been based on the programming of microprocessors so values are obtained quickly and at the same time they are highly reliable and assure the right interpretation of the tested situation.
    These portable instruments can be used in the laboratory as well as on the place of cultivation (field or greenhouse).
    Further attention has been given to the choice of electrodes: suitable for their precision and solidity either in the laboratory and in the field because they allow immediate measurement from the soil or from the substrate.